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Honorary Consulate of Mauritius in Victoria

I am, Mrs Diane M Fleming, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mauritius in Victoria

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Honorary Consulate.

The core mission of the Honorary Consulate is to:

  • enhance the Bilateral Relations between Mauritius and Victoria
  • promote the welfare of and provide consular services to the Mauritian community living in Victoria
  • foster trade and investment as well as tourism between Mauritius and Victoria
  • facilitate cultural, commercial, educational, social, scientific and sports exchanges between Mauritius and Victoria
  • provide information on passport, visas and other issues of interest based on current regulations

It is my earnest hope that any query you may have will be satisfactorily answered through this website. However, in case you need additional information or any other assistance, please feel free to leave a message and/or contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website and we encourage you to contact us by email, phone or pay a visit to us for additional information, suggestions or comments.

Mrs. Diane M Fleming

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mauritius

Contact Us

Mrs Diane M Fleming

Honorary Consul (16.11.2016)

2 Kelvin Grove

Prahran East, VIC 3181,


Tel: +61 402 459 012

Email: consulate@mauritiusmelbourne.com

Consular Services

Mauritian nationals are welcomed to submit the following applications to the Mission, which liaises with relevant authorities in Mauritius for their issue:

  • Mauritius Passport,
  • Travel Document (in case of necessary emergency one-way trip to Mauritius in the absence of a valid Mauritius Passport), and
  • Certificate of Character.

The Mission also authenticates --

  • documents already apostilled by Australian and New Zealand authorities,
  • Mauritius Driving Licences.

The Mission may provide advice on general consular matters in relation to Mauritius.

It also facilitates landing of mortal remains and transportation of ashes to Mauritius.

Note on eligibility for Mauritius Passport and benefits

The Mauritius High Commission provides a channel for Mauritius Passport issue whether a person is born in Mauritius or born as first generation overseas. Any person (whatever the age) born in Mauritius obtains Mauritius citizenship by birth right. The ensuing first generation born outside Mauritius obtains citizenship, hence Mauritius passport, by descent.

Except persons who have forfeited Mauritius citizenship (willingly or unwillingly), all Mauritians may apply for Mauritian passports through the High Commission in Canberra. Our email for enquiries is canberrahc@govmu.org. The relevant forms and application processes are listed below.

Some persons (that is, those born between 12.03.1947 and 30.09.1973) are deemed to have forfeited Mauritius citizenship by having acquired foreign citizenship before they had turned 21. If this category of persons acquired or became a foreign citizen upon turning 21 or later, then he or she may still apply for a Mauritius Passport through the High Commission.

Persons (born in Mauritius or overseas) who are deemed to have forfeited Mauritius citizenship may apply for resumption of same while visiting Mauritius. Once Mauritius citizenship resumed, the person may apply for a Mauritius passport through the High Commission (or directly in Mauritius) and if he or she is born in Mauritius, then his or her first generation of children born overseas may also apply for a Mauritius Passport. However, if the said children have been born between 12.03.1947 and 30.09.1973, then they also have to apply to resume their Mauritius citizenship first.

Some of the advantages of a Mauritius Passport are as follows:

  • confirms one's citizenship (both Mauritius and Australia accept dual citizenships);
  • allows the holder to travel to Mauritius on a one-way ticket and reside there for more than 2 months (and indefinitely);
  • buy property, cars and other assets of any value in Mauritius;
  • avail of tourist rebate packages open to Mauritian nationals.